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ADORE Advanced Dynamics Of Rolling Elements

An Innovative Tool for Computer Modeling of Rolling Bearings.....


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What is in the Package

ADORE is distributed in source code form via a downloadable zip file. Software may also be provided on a CD when requested.The media content is divided into for subdirectories, labeled as Disk1, Disk2, Disk3 and Disk4. Quick installation instructions are included in the readMe.pdf file.The contents of each of these directories is outlined below:


  • UpdateXX.pdf: A pdf file containing notes of the latest updates.
  • adoreManual.pdf: ADORE user's manual.
  • adoreInput.txt: Text file containing description of all ADORE input records.
  • AdrxExamples: Subdirectory containing source codes of ADRX examples.
    • Ball: Subdirectory containing ball bearing test case.
    • Roller: Subdirectory containing roller bearing test case.
    • TaperedRoller: Subdirectory containing tapered roller bearing test case.


  • *.f files: ADORE FORTRAN-90 source files
  • make files for Intel and Lahey compilers.


  • Java: Subdirectory containing all Java source codes.


  • Mac: Subdirectory containing executable files for Macintosh platform.
  • Windows: Subdirectory containing executable files for Windows platform.