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ADORE Advanced Dynamics Of Rolling Elements

An Innovative Tool for Computer Modeling of Rolling Bearings.....


ADORE Overview

Price Schedule

System Requirements

What is in the Package


Ordering Information


License Options

Option A: ADORE Permanent License

ADORE permanent license consists of the following:

  • ADORE Fortran-90 source code
  • On-line users manual
  • Java based input facility AdrInput
  • Java based plot facility AdrPlot
  • Java based graphic animation facility AGORE

This is the principal option associated with ADORE distribution. Pricing option for both corporate and individual licenses are available. Please use the price schedule link on the left to obtain the current price schedule.

Option B: AdoreQS - Executable code only

A subset of ADORE containing the quasi-static modules only. See AdoreQS description for more details.

Option B1: Technical Support for AdoreQS

Technical support for AdoreQS, limited to simple "how-to" questions. Support provided via email and/or telephone..

Option R: Technical Installation Assistance

Although installation of the software is quite straight forward and the instructions provided in the users manual are generally adequate, this option provides on-site assistance technical assistnce in software installation. A maximum of two
working days of technical effort is provided to the licensee's computer staff for program installation and testing. The available time may also be used for technical consultation related to program use for specific user problems. All associated travel and living expenses are included.

Option S: Three-Days ADORE Users Seminar

This option provides an on-site five-days users seminar which includes an indepth presentation of analytical foundation, code architacture, ADORE capabilities, user instructions and input/output variables. All associated travel and living expenses are included. the available seminar material provides a detailed outline of the seminar.

Option S1: Customized Technical Support Unit

The purpose of the option is to provide customized technical support. Each unit of support is equivalent to fifteen (15) days of technical effort, usable at any location, within one year from date of purchase. Multiple support units may be ordered if the intended support is expected to exceed the limits of a single unit. The fee covers pertinent labor and computer use charges at licensor's location. For other locations the travel option S2 described below is required.

Option S2: Travel Expense Unit

Travel expense unit for travel and living expenses related to Option S1. Total expenses covered are limited to the purchase price of this option. Multiple units may be ordered if the total expenses within the support duration are expected to be larger than those covered by a single unit.

Option S3: Reduced Customized Technical Support Unit

When the required support is smaller in extent in comparison to that provided under option S1, this reduced support unit may be used. Under this option technical support, equivalent to five (5) days of technical effort, is provided at any location. Again the fee covers pertinent labor and computer use charges at licensor's location and for all travel and living expenses, associated with other locations, the travel option S2 is required.

Option T: Corporate License Transfer

This option provides a transfer of existing corporate license to a new corporation.

Option U: Annual Software Update and Maintenance

Periodic software updates, maintenance and minor technical support via email or phone are available under this optoin. The licensee must have current version in order to subscribe to this option. For older versions multiple units of this option, from the date of expiration of last subscription may be ordered.

Option V: ADORE Technical Overview

This option provides a pre-sales one-day technical meeting to present a technical overview and demonstration of ADORE and its options. All associated travel and living expenses are included.

Option Z: Foreign Order Surcharge

This option is mandatory for all corporations and individuals external to the United States of America.

A completely filled and signed license agreement must accompany all purchase orders.