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ADORE Advanced Dynamics Of Rolling Elements

An Innovative Tool for Computer Modeling of Rolling Bearings.....


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System Requirements

ADORE is a platform independent software and it is distributed in source code form. The software
can be installed on any computer system which supports the appropriate compilers. The following
are minimum requirements for installation and effective use of ADORE on any computer

1. Central Random Access Memory (RAM) of 10 Mega Bytes.
2. Mass storage of 500 Mega Bytes. Larger storage may be required for very long simulations.
3. CD-ROM drive when the software has to be read from a compact disk.
4. A graphic display with appropriate graphics options.
5. A FORTRAN-90 compiler.
6. Java Development Kit for input, plot and graphic animation facilities.

Any FORTRAN-90 or FORTRAN-95 compiler may be used to compile the ADORE source
code. Very often a development environment, such as the Microsoft Visual Studio, is available
either with the compile or with the computer operating system. This environment may be readily
used to compile the ADORE source code and produce appropriate executable.

The Java development kit is in public domain and it can be freely downloaded over the
internet from Sun MIcro Systems Web site, now On
other platforms, the computer manufacturers may offer their own implementation of Java environment.