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Technical Seminars

ADORE Overview Seminar

ADORE Techical Development Seminar

ADORE Technical Seminars

Presently, the following two technical seminars are available.

ADORE Overview Seminar (Adore Opt-V)

This is a one day technical seminar designed to provide a technical overview of ADORE. The subject matter includes a brief technical overview of ADORE and its capabilities including a demonstation of input/output faciities and execution of a test case. The link on the left provides the presentation material used in the seminar.

ADORE Technical Development Seminar (Adore Opt-S)

ADORE Tecnical Development Seminar is a technically intensive customized 5-day technical seminar designed to provide detailed user instructions, analytical background and developmental details for productive use of the software. The seminar is designed for ADORE users interested in training for effective software use, and inhouse development of analytical skills required to customize ADORE for specialized applications. The seminar may also be offered to inidividuals and/or corporations who simply want to understand the technical development details without having access to the ADORE software. Please use the link on the left to explore further details of this seminar.