PKGPradeep K Gupta Inc

Established 1984

Research Areas of Interest

Principal Scientist

Consulting Services

Corporate Profile

Pradeep K Gupta Inc
(PKG Inc)
117 Southbury Road
Clifton Park, New York 12065-7714
U. S. A.

Phone: (518) 383-1167
Fax: (518) 371-0572

Founded: 1984
President: Dr. Pradeep K. Gupta
Employees: 2
Subcontrators: Variable
Consultants: Variable

Corporate Objectives

  • R&D in high technology areas
  • Technology transfer to industry
    • Computer software for performance siimulation
    • Education and training seminars
  • Technology assessment and support
    • Immediate and long term needs
    • Direct specific research and development projects