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Presently Ongoing Projects

Fatigue Life Modeling (2012-)


Past Projects

Refinements in Lubricant Traction Models (1998-2001 )

Thermal Modeling in Rolling Bearings (1998-2002)

Life Model Improvements in ADORE (1999-2003 )

Moment Equilibrium Models for ADORE (1999-2003)

Conversion of ADORE to FORTRAN-90 (1996-1999)

Traction Data Analysis (1992-96 )

X-Windows Motif Input Facility for ADORE (1992-94)

Curses Interface for ADORE Input (1991)

ADORE for Macintosh (190-91)

PC Interface for ADORE Input (1988)

ADORE for PC (1986 )

ADORE Development (1983-84)